Construction Issues

Termite Construction Issues

Some styles of construction are more prone to experience a termite infestation than others. Sometimes there are particular areas of your home that create termite friendly conditions. Termites are all around us but because they live underground we have no idea that millions of them exist. And remember…Even if there is no indication of termites in your home, only a thorough inspection by a qualified pest management professional can determine if they are actually present.

Solid Poured Walls

Basements come in a variety of construction styles. However, during recent years solid poured foundation walls, especially in the case of basements, have become the most popular. As the name implies, the walls are constructed with a singular construction element of solid concrete. Very solid and lacking any uniform internal voids, solid poured foundation walls are excellent in terms of REDUCING the likelihood of termite infestation. I say reducing and not eliminating because even these hearty construction styles have limitations. The areas where slabs adjoin create expansion joints and provide termites with structure access. This becomes quite an issue for inspection and treatment because of finished basements with sheetrock walls and floor coverings. These coverings can hide critical termite access points. Treatment specifications for solid poured basements can vary greatly but will almost always include a treatment of the soil adjacent to the foundation.

Block Wall

Hollow block walled basements are usually found in homes constructed prior to the 1980’s and are considered to be very solid construction styles. However, block walled basements do have drawbacks. The inclusion of wall voids (the internal portion of the hollow block itself) provides termites completely unseen access to the wooden portions of your home. The good news here… because the wall voids are uniform they can be adequately treated with modern treatment techniques. This involves drilling into each wall void in a linear fashion with a masonry drill. Although this may sound invasive to your home, compared to the damages termites can do…it is a very minor step. Once our technicians have gained access to the block voids, liquid termiticide may be applied at a pre-approved rate. Doings so will prevent termite access into your home.