Corey Arnold – His mission and vision for Peachtree

On a personal level, Corey Arnold is a man who believes in humility and service making his brand's core value. Much like the man, whose personality has developed around these foundations, the company continues to value its customers and employees equally. Corey's vision is to establish a company where working on the business is a responsibility which is shared by the entire team making them a family unit. He is involved at the development and functioning of the business at all levels of the execution every day.

His work philosophy is centered around the belief that happy employees means happy customers and when your customers are happy you create a brand that is based on repeat business and community support. His giving back to the community by means of donation to Employees' kid’s sports and the community’s social organization is to acknowledge this support.

Peachtree Pest Control provides pest control, termite control, and wildlife control services with warranty options to protect your biggest investment. The company also provides home services for exclusion, carpentry, insulation, sanitation and gutter cleaning. The commercial services include all of the above mentioned services at a commercial level protected with sustainable practices under the Peachtree Green initiative.