Exclusion & Carpentry

Construction Specialists for Wildlife Control


Removing unwanted wildlife from your home isn’t enough. Repairing the access points around your home is a priority to ensure a long term solution. Additionally, the vacancy created by trapping allows for potential re-infestation of another animal, usually in a short period of time. Wildlife exclusion services typically include replacing siding or trim, screening gable vents, or repairing soffits and fascias. However, due to the unique nature of wildlife exclusion and repair, our specialists are equipped to handle any situation we may encounter.

Peachtree Pest Control employees are skilled carpenters with years of experience. Unlike other wildlife control companies, our team members are construction specialists trained in the art of wildlife management. Not simply trappers with hammers. We believe a strong skill set in carpentry is required to produce the professionally finished look you expect.

Carpentry Services

Do you have other projects around the home that require a carpenter? Whether you need water damaged siding, windows, or doors replaced, termite damages repaired, or even a new deck built. The professional carpentry staff at Peachtree can help. No job is too big or too small for our team!

The Peachtree Promise

Every job the professional team at Peachtree Pest Control provides, offers an industry leading warranty on materials and workmanship. We stand behind our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, provided in writing, before the service begins. Depending on the type of work you select, the warranty may even be for the lifetime of your home! It’s an uncommon commitment to the satisfaction of our customers that makes us different…it’s our Peachtree Promise! All of our work offers the most comprehensive warranty for workmanship and materials available in the business!