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Bugs come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Some have abilities that are absolutely amazing while others are so strange and unusual they don't even seem possible. In fact, our world wouldn't even be possible without our friends the bugs. That's the wonderful world of Insects! In this page you'll find games, puzzles, pictures, lesson plans, and all sorts of neat bug facts. So whether you're a kid, parent, or teacher...c'mon in, look around, and have some fun. We've got something just for you and promise you'll learn something new and exciting about our friends, the bugs!

Image Image Image Image Image Image
Ant Connect The Dots Bee Beetle Butterfly Maze
Image Image Image Image Image Image
Ants Caterpillar Fly Mouse Dragonfly Spider

Do you think bugs are the bee's knees? Do you love to watch them crawl and fly around or wonder at their strange colors? We'll you're not alone! Lots of kids feel the same way. That's why we created the Bug Photo of the Month. So, grab your camera, get outside and snap a bug photo. You just might be the next monthly winner!