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At Peachtree Pest Control we believe in corporate conscience, giving back, and most of all…setting a positive example for our employees, customers, and the communities that we serve. Below you’ll find recent news releases about events of interest and our continued efforts of improvement.

Over 5 million local businesses competed across a wide range of categories including home, auto, health and professional services. Winners were determined based on thousands of votes from consumers in the Metro Atlanta Kudzu community. Peachtree Pest Control received the top honor and will be recognized with a Best of 2013 badge displayed on their Kudzu business listing page.

Peachtree Pest Control has been an Atlanta based company for nearly 40 years. Specializing in pest control, termite control, and wildlife management, Peachtree has built a quality reputation founded in principles of customer service, integrity, and effectiveness.

Peachtree Pest Control team is proud that our customers and Kudzu users voted us as one of the best Pest Control service providers in Atlanta. Winning this award from Kudzu only strengthens our commitment to our customers.”

“The ‘Best of’ contest allows consumers to show their appreciation for local businesses that have served them well. Kudzu is proud to be an avenue for this support and to recognize companies that offer the highest levels of service” stated Fran Wills, General Manager of Kudzu.

Please visit for a full listing of the Best of 2013 winners.

We would like to thank the Fayette County Chamber of Commerce for our Fayetteville Branch Ribbon Cutting Ceremony. We are so excited to be a part of such a great community. Check out the pictures that were taken that day!

The ceremoney will begin at 11am and include a ribbon cutting by the Fayette County Chamber of Commerce, attended by local officials, business leaders, and Peachtree Pest Control ownership team members.

This Grand Opening represents the 9 delighted to become a part of the growing markets of Fayette and surrounding counties. We recognize the benefit of strong local leadership and the growing economies of these communities. It only makes sense for us to be a part of that success.”

Peachtree Pest Control has been in business since 1976 and offers services such as pest control, termite control, and wildlife control in Georgia, Florida and South Carolina. You can find out more about Peachtree Pest Control and their services by visiting their website at

Peachtree Pest Control has been in business since 1976 and offers services such as pest control, termite control, and wildlife control in Georgia, Florida and South Carolina. You can find out more about Peachtree Pest Control and their services by visiting their website at

Put 1,000 college students — and their cheese pizza boxes — in one building, and chances are decent rodents will also move in. That’s been the case at Creswell Hall, a high-rise dorm for first-year students.

But for some reason, possibly because of the mild winter, the rat problem has been worse this year, according to the UGA housing director.

“We’ve not seen anything like this before,” Gerard J. Kowalski told the AJC Thursday.

It could also be because of construction on campus, forcing rodents to find new homes, the company, based in Norcross, is responsible for helping the university control the rodents.

Plus, where there are a few rats, there likely will be more — fast.

Rodents are very prolific animals. They’re going to have litters on a very regular basis.

But don’t worry, Mom and Dad. There’s no reason to force Junior to move home. Nobody has been bitten. But a few cleaning lessons may be a good idea.

Kowalski said UGA and Peachtree Pest Control have sealed the dormitory to prevent other rats from moving in while trapping the existing invaders inside. Some mechanical traps have been used.

Also, residents have been urged not to leave food and garbage within reach of rats, and students have obliged, Kowalski said.

Other, nearby dorms have been checked, but so far the problem has been isolated to Creswell.

“It’s not like they’re moving from one building to the other,” Kowalski said.

Originally published at on March 8, 2012)

The goal in using this technology is to further improve the customer service experience, reduce fuel consumption, and improve response time. So far, these goals have been very attainable for the organization. The incorporation of this technology will allow for many improvements to our customer service experience. The ability to locate any company vehicle at anytime will allow for optimizations to route efficiency like no other innovation”, he continues. Peachtree Pest Control has a history of integrating technology into its progressive business model. Through these and other improvements, Peachtree has set a standard in the pest management industry. Peachtree currently ranks as one of the nations top 100 largest pest management firms and is a recent recipient of the 2011 Consumer Choice Award for Business Excellence.

The winning photo was a white crab spider nestled in the petals of a Lantana bloom. Utilizing the “F-Stop” feature of the camera, Marc was able to deftly control the cameras shutter speed creating a uniqe black background while capturing the rich colors and textures of the subject. Marc has long been a hobbist photograher and has won other competitions in the past. Marc has also been in the pest management industry for nearly twenty years. This experience is invaluable to Peachtree Pest Control and obviously helps him identify a great photo opportunity. GREAT JOB MARC!!!

This recognition is reserved for PESP members who have demonstrated a commitment to pesticide risk reduction and serve as models for other PESP members. This level is the highest level awarded within this program of EPA. Peachtree Pest Control continues to be committed to the implementation of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) principles within their company which in turn will reduce the amount of pesticides used while also delivering an effective method of controlling pests.

To learn more about the PESP program, visit

which provides unbiased and accurate bed bug information to the public. The site was designed to be a valuable resource for people who are either dealing with a bed bug infestation or educating themselves on ways to prevent bringing this unwanted pest home. Bed bugs continue to increase in numbers and in the types of places where they are being encountered.

which is an exclusive manufacturer of rodenticides and rodent control products for the pest control and agricultural industries on six continents ( Steve presented a two hour continuing education webinar on rodenticide label changes taking effect on June 4, 2011 which affects the way some rodenticides are used and sold. He covered basic biology and habits of the three Commensal rodents – the House Mouse, the Roof Rat and Norway Rat – that are generally targeted by the use of rodenticides. Steve also covered the conditions that lead to problems with these pests such as poor sanitation, poor building maintenance and the need for these items to be addressed and corrected to make any rodent control program successful. Terry W. Bowen, Training and Quality Assurance Director with Peachtree Pest Control said, “It is great to have people like Steve who will come and share his wealth of knowledge about his products, the label changes that are getting ready to take effect, and how to control rodents more effectively so that Peachtree can stay proficient at controlling rodents.” The EPA has a weblink ( with detailed information on these rodenticide label changes. EPA has also announced that it will seek to cancel the registration of rodenticide active ingredients whose manufacturer has failed to comply with the rodenticide risk mitigation decision. These manufacturers are highlighted in a press release on this decision by EPA and can be viewed at this weblink;!OpenDocument

where people can find professional grade do-it-yourself pest management products to control sugar-feeding ants, carpenter ants, roaches, termites, spiders, bed bugs, stinging insects such as wasps, bees and hornets, flies, fleas, mosquitoes, rats, mice, wildlife and many other pests. If you need help with your pest control problem, the site also has a feature where you can submit questions or comments to Peachtree Pest Control’s on-staff Entomologist for answers or guidance.

This recognition ranks both individuals in the top 10 pest management industry service pros in the country! We are so proud of these guys. To achieve such a prestigious recognition demonstrates the dedication our team has to our customers and our industry. Although Peter and Robert were not the ultimate winners of this years award, we believe next year will be the year one or more of our outstanding company representatives will take home the prize.

During this review period consideration will be given to other organizational initiatives such as third party “green” certification, local or national recognition for pesticide reduction programs, and regulatory enforcement history.

Peachtree has a long standing history of being on the cutting edge of the green movement. We were the first in the Southeast to offer a Green Shield Certified service, have been recognized at the 2009 IPM Symposium with the International IPM Excellence Award, a United States Green Business Council member, and maintain a flawless record with our regulatory agencies. Given these, among many other factors, we believe Peachtree stands an excellent chance at receiving the gold level PESP designation.

Peachtree Pest Control offers multiple pest management solutions for residential and commercial properties. Utilization of the Peachtree Green program, Green Shield Certified by the IPM Institute of North America, has allowed many Class-A commercial facilities across the region achieve their LEED goals and maintain high quality, pesticide free working environments.

To learn more about Peachtree Pest Control

To learn more about the Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program

To learn more about Green Shield Certified

Peachtree Pest Control is proud to support such a wonderful cause and plans to continue the trend of positive corporate conscience and community involvement.

Dear Peachtree Pest Control,

Thank you for supporting our Breast Cancer community, the money raised in this past weekends walk will stay right here in Atlanta, going towards various cancer and wellness centers to help your neighbors, relatives and friends going through the journey. The walk was emotional, inspiring and an amazing experience. Saturdays walk ended up being around 22 miles and Sunday ended the 32 trek at Pemberton Place for an amazing cause.

I am truly grateful to you for your support and encouragement. I walked along side one of my dearest friends Danae. It was great having her by my side. The weather could not have been Carter and Associatesbetter, and I also realized how beautiful our city is! We walked starting at the Marriott Marquise to many places; Midtown, Piedmont Park, Ansley Park, Morningside, Decatur, Atlantic Station, Georgia Tech and MANY other places :)!


Christine Bailey
Assistant Property Manager
Carter & Associates