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Peachtree Pest Control provides rat control services for Atlanta and the nearby areas for over 40 years. We not only humanely trap and remove rats and other rodents alike but we also work to prevent similar invaders from returning to your property by making it a less appealing environment for rats which may try to inhabit your structure in the future.

Rats seeking shelter may find their way into your home. With their small size and resourceful nature, they can locate the smallest holes and gain entry into secluded structures of your house, such as the attic or walls.

If you experience a rat infestation at your property, have noticed the signs of roof rat damage at your home, keep hearing scratching noises in the ceiling or walls, or have noticed chew and bite marks on wood or wiring, contact our expert team at Peachtree Pest Control Atlanta immediately to avail of our fast and professional rat control services.

All of the rat control services Peachtree company offers are completely humane. We utilize safe rat control methods in all animal trapping, and then we release the captured wildlife in a new location where they can continue to thrive.

There are two rat species that are closely associated with man and his dwellings, the Roof Rat and the Norway Rat. Both rats are considered Commensal rodents in that there are no wild populations of these rats, only populations associated with humans.

Roof rats are very good climbers and can be found in the upper portions of structures while the Norway rat is an excellent digger and can be found in burrows around and in the lower parts of structures. They both feed on a wide variety of food items, but poor sanitation around dumpsters is a contributing factor to these rats being found near structures.

Roof rats are smaller than the typical Norway rat. Their size allows them to fit into the smallest openings, easily gaining entrance to any home. Often found nesting in the upper levels of homes, hence the name Roof rat, these animals can cause unprecedented damage to the structure of your home, including your attic.

With the growing population of the large, semi-aquatic river rats, otherwise known as nutria rats, homes around the community are frequently falling victim to the damage and inconvenience of these rodents. Good sanitation and exclusion repairs are the key to keeping these rodents from entering structures.

Rat can pose a safety and health risk to you and your family. As carriers of different diseases, they can transfer these infections through their urine and feces, or through direct contamination of your stored food. Even fleas that have bitten infected rat could transmit the disease to a human or a pet.


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