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School and Daycare Pest Services

Children are our Future...
And, at Peachtree Pest Control, keeping them safe from unwanted pests is a top priority. We provide over 30 years of experience addressing pest problems in these highly sensitive environments and have industry leading tools and techniques to combat pest issues. Because we are Green Shield Certified by the IPM Institute of North America you can feel confident in choosing Peachtree to protect the health of your children!

Our Unique Approach
By focusing on the areas where pests are likely to enter these facilities, our highly trained professionals are able to reduce, and in some cases, eliminate the use of chemical products all together. Our unique methods and collaborative approach pinpoints the survival requirements pests need such as food, water, and shelter. Once identified, steps will be taken to alter these conditions in such a way that pests can no longer exist. Doing so allows Peachtree Pest Control to effectively eliminate pests from our children's living space.

Trust you've got the BEST!
As a family owned and operated business we take the issue of trust very seriously. That's why we go to such great lengths to ensure the team we employ are not only highly trained but simply good people. To ensure this, each of our professionals must undergo extensive pre-employment screening, background checks, and drug testing. Once a part of the team each individual must complete a rigorous training program before they may represent our company.

At Peachtree, we understand the importance of a prompt return phone call, a correct and simple to understand bill, as well as an educated service professional. Our team will arrive in clearly marked service vehicles and standard company issued uniforms. It is this uncommon commitment to customer satisfaction that has earned Peachtree Pest Control the Better Business Bureau Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics! To always treat our customers with courtesy and respect and to deliver an exceptional customer service experience...that's the Peachtree Promise!