Termite Warranty Alpharetta

Your Choice for a Termite Control Warranty

Peachtree Pest Control company in Alpharetta, Georgia, is a company that has the best termite warranty in the termite control industry. Our termite warranty covers the inspection and termite treatment for your property, and it offers long-term reassurance against the future threat of termites. If you are not yet sure whether purchasing Peachtree’s termite warranty is worth it or necessary, the questions and answers below will help you make the right decision.

1. What type of warranties does Peachtree Pest Control offer?

Depending on the type of treatment program you select Peachtree offers two warranties: Repair Coverage or Re-treatment Coverage. The re-treatment warranty provides free re-application to areas where termites may return to the home. This is the standard termite warranty and is typically the least expensive. Peachtree also offers the premium repair warranty. Under this program Peachtree will retreat areas of termite recurrence as well as repair any damages they may have caused…at no charge to our customer!

2. What does my termite warranty cover?

Unlike most pest management companies, Peachtree Pest Control has no dollar limits on the costs of repair, or even deductibles to be met. Additionally, our repair warranties include the contents of your home. Peachtree offers the most inclusive warranty in the business!

3. Does my warranty cover Formosan Termites?

Yes! The Formosan termite species was imported from Asia into the southeast decades ago. The extreme damage this species can cause along with the difficulty of control has caused many pest management companies to exclude this species from coverage. Not Peachtree! We have complete confidence in our ability to protect your home and are willing to back it up with a strong warranty.

4. Do you do an inspection of my home each year?

Yes! Peachtree Pest Control in Alpharetta schedules and performs a termite warranty inspection of your house each year. Many other companies require you to call and request an inspection…Not Peachtree. We want to ensure that the home receives a full review each year to prevent damages should a termite re-infestation occur.

5. Can I transfer my warranty to a new owner if I sell my home?

Yes! Warranties from Peachtree Pest Control are on the home and available for future owners to transfer into their name. This is an advantage if you expect to sell your home in the future. Our industry leading termite warranties can add value and appeal for potential home buyers.

6. How long will my warranty be available?

Depending on the type of program you select, your termite treatment warranty period may last 5 years, 10 years, or even the lifetime of your home. Your Peachtree Professional can explain the options in more detail.

7. What type of training will my service person have?

Peachtree Pest Control service professionals undergo rigorous training prior to entering the field. Each individual is required to pass a Department of Agriculture exam and complete 80 hours of training covering topics such as customer service, safety, product handling, termite biology, construction techniques, and other related areas of importance. Every field employee at Peachtree holds a registration or certification with the Ga. Dept. of Agriculture in the field of pest management. Additionally, Peachtree is one of the only companies to maintain a full-time on-staff Entomologist.

8. Does Peachtree maintain license and insurance coverage?

Yes! As a professional organization, Peachtree maintains extensive insurance policies. We want to ensure that the fullest protection available is provided to our customers. Peachtree is licensed to operate in Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama, and Tennessee. We’re proud to be your regional choice in pest management.

9. Will drilling of foundations cause structural or water intrusion problems?

Absolutely not! Accessing voided areas inside walls or under slabs is critical in a successful liquid termite treatment. This technique has proven safe and effective over many years and does not create concern for structural or water related issues. Most drill holes are patched with mortar, primarily for aesthetic purposes.

10. Does Peachtree offer discounts for combining services?

If you select one of our pest management programs, wildlife exclusion, or handyman packages we would be delighted to extend additional discounts. Your Peachtree professional will be able to discuss this in further detail.

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