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Your Choice for Turf Management

For some, having the best lawn in the neighborhood is a must. That's where the experienced professionals at Peachtree Lawn & Ornamental can help.

Lawn pests are more prevalent here in the southern states. Because of this, most landscapes are more susceptible to various kinds of insects, weeds, and diseases than other parts of the country. To handle these challenges you need a real pro.

Why is Peachtree Lawn & Ornamental Different?
We perform a complete lawn analysis to begin each new turf management plan. This initial phase includes soil testing to determine your soil pH, proper identification of turf type, weeds and other turf pests, as well as understanding your landscape's specific watering needs.

Unlike most companies, Peachtree provides a 12 round treatment platform and once per year soil analysis at no additional charge. If adjustments with Lime or similar products are required...we'll include this at no additional cost to you! Our services are proactive with a focus on pre-emergent products to prevent weed issues before they can begin.

At Peachtree Lawn & Ornamental we know turf. We understand that your lawn needs different types of support during each season. We fertilize with major nutrients such as Nitrogen, Potassium, and Phosphorus and provide minor nutrients like Iron, Magnesium and Manganese when necessary. These efforts strengthen the root system and allow your turf to flourish. Where possible, Peachtree will provide these nutrients in an organic format limiting environmental impact... without sacrificing results.

Why do we go to such lengths?
Simple, these steps allow Peachtree Lawn & Ornamental to customize the best solution for your lawn, creating the perfect landscape for you!

Common Turf Types in the Southeast
Fescue | Zoysia | Centipede | St. Augustine | Burmuda

Common Turf Fungus & Diseases in the Southeast
Brown Patch | Dollar Spot | Grey Leaf Spot

Common Turf Weeds in the Southeast
Spurge | Button Weed | Crabgrass | Oxalis | Dollar Weed