Fire Ant Control

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Fire Ant Control

The Red Imported Fire Ant is an invasive pest species introduced to the gulf coast states decades ago. Unfortunately, their ability to out-compete most native ant species has led to large areas of the country to face this painful infestation. Although complete fire ant eradication is not possible, recent advancements in product technology and application techniques have allowed homeowners to attain acceptable levels of pest management. That’s where the professionals at Peachtree Pest Control can help.

Effective Solutions

At Peachtree Pest Control our trained fire ant specialists have the tools and training necessary to provide the highest level of fire ant control possible. Our specifically tailored programs deliver a twice per year application, typically during the Spring and again in the Fall. Best of all…our programs are guaranteed to work or we’ll come back for FREE! So give Peachtree Pest Control a call today and get your yard back! You and your family deserve to enjoy your landscape without the fear of the painful fire ant stings.