If My Neighbor Has Mice Will I Get Them Too?


It is pretty clear that having a mice infestation in your house is not a pleasant experience. Even though the mice look cute and innocent, they can cause health issues for everyone in your home.

The situation can be even more frustrating when you realize these pests might be creeping in from your neighbor’s apartment or house.

If you know that your neighbor’s home is infested with mice, you might be wondering whether you will get them too.

Keep reading as we answer this question in detail. Find out what measures to take to get rid of mice and prevent them from infesting your property.


There can be various reasons for the sudden mouse infestation in your home and there could be many ways in which mice can infest your house. Sometimes the pests coming to your house are not your fault at all. The possibility of rodents coming from your neighbors cannot be overlooked as they can make their way from your neighbor’s house to yours quite easily.

A mouse is able to travel on a regular basis about 50 feet from its nesting site. Therefore, chances are high that these rodents will nest and feast in the garbage bin of one house, and then will move on to the next one.

It is easy for them to travel from one house to another through the crawlspace, sewer lines, or drainage pipes. They will leave signs of their presence in the form of droppings. Besides rodent sightings, other signs of infestation include tracks, musky odor, and gnawed furniture or plastic items. These signs can help you to identify their nesting areas.



In general, as with all wildlife, mice seek shelter and warmth indoors with the onset of winter. The rodents that roam outside your or your neighbor’s house are interested in coming inside to find shelter from the cold.

Another reason is that a neighbor who lives in unsanitary conditions may attract rodents. These pests can spread further into the neighborhood in search of food and an ideal place to live. However, keep in mind that mice can infest even those places that are apparently clean and spotless.

Also, know that if you spot one mouse in your home, most likely there will be more of them. Mice tend to behave as a population, they live in groups, so they are never really alone. Therefore, it is important to act quickly when you see one in your home.

Mice multiply very quickly, and since their gestation period lasts only 21 days, it won’t be long before you see more rodents around. They breed nearly all the time, once a female mouse has given birth, it will be able to breed again nearly right away after that. On top of that, the young also become mature in as little as one month and are able to produce their own offspring. This means they can soon start having their own babies every 21 days and create a new generation of mice.

This is how the mice infestation grows rapidly over a short period of time, if not controlled.



So if you suspect that the rodents are coming from your neighbors, what should you do?

First of all, you need to assess the situation before you put blame on somebody else. Make sure that you are not the source of the problem. Call an exterminator and have them inspect your home before you accuse the neighbor for no reason.

If the exterminator has confirmed that the infestation is indeed coming from the house next door, you need to approach your neighbor and politely address the issue. Point out that you have recently noticed a large number of mice in your home and you should work together towards the common goal of getting rid of the rodents.


Why should you get rid of mice as soon as possible?

Rodents, such as mice and rats, bring harmful bacteria into your home. They are the main cause of many severe infections and allergies. Rodent droppings, urine, and hair, are the cause of many dangerous diseases. The presence of mice in your home means that you are breathing in contaminated air or even eating up this harmful bacteria. It is therefore essential to get rid of rodent infestation quickly.

If it is just a minor infestation, you can easily catch these pesky animals using traps. Alternatively, you may try using natural repellants like peppermint oil, onion oil, and baking soda to keep the mice away from your home. Rodents cannot stand the smell of these products.


After all, there is little you can do to make your neighbors take care of their property, but you can certainly take responsibility for your own home.

Call Peachtree Pest Control at the first sign of mice on your property. Our team of experts will have the mice humanely removed and make sure your property is protected from future infestations.