Peachtree Promise

Respectful of your Schedule!

Peachtree service professionals are sensitive to the busy lives of our customers. That’s why we have created programs designed to be convenient to your schedule and highly effective against unwanted pests. Our services are targeted to the exterior of your home where pests live. By focusing on the exterior source of pest issues we are able to be proactive rather than reactive to an interior infestation. Best of all, these services do not require you to be home. However, if the nature of your pest issue requires interior attention, we are able to provide these services as well! Peachtree Pest Control service programs are scheduled in advance, from our offices so you can depend on a phone call prior to every service.

Whether you’re interested in Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, or One-time service visits…we have a program just for you! Keeping your time in mind…that’s the Peachtree Promise!

No long term contracts!

Unlike most service providers, Peachtree does not require long term service agreements. Although the most common plans are ongoing, we also offer 30 day, 90 day, 6 month, as well as 12 month programs. We have specifically designed our programs around the convenience of our customer…you!

If you’re interested in having a single service, this is the program for you! Our one-time service platform provides an initial treatment of the property and carries a 30 day warranty. If you would like for us to return for any reason during the 30 day warranty period, we are happy to do so at no additional charge. If you choose to continue service with Peachtree, 100% of the one-time service charge will be applied to on going services.

Service Guarantee

The Peachtree Promise offers the strongest guarantee in the business…PERIOD!

Weekly services are typically best suited to large commercial facilities, restaurants, and properties with heavy pest infestations or increased potential for the development of an issue. The weekly service platform can be converted to monthly or quarterly once a pest problem is brought under control. As with all of our services, any necessary return visits are provided at no additional charge.

Monthly service visits are one of the most common service frequencies. Providing a thorough inspection and treatment of your property each month ensures you’ll be bug free. In fact, because we are able to address the unique concerns your property may have 3 times per season we are able to be much more proactive with our services. This service platform is perfect for the person who has a very low tolerance for bugs. As with all of our services, any necessary return visits are provided at no additional charge.

Quarterly services are great for the busy person who wants to save a little money but doesn’t want bugs in their home. Peachtree will visit your home once per season, perform a thorough inspection, treat the entire exterior of your property and where necessary treat specific areas of the interior to prevent pests from entering. Because of the low impact to your schedule and our ability to effectively control pests, Quarterly services have become the service platform of choice for most customers. As with all of our services, any necessary return visits are provided at no additional charge.

The Peachtree Promise Service Guarantee

Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. How do we accomplish this? Simple, we focus on the things that matter most to our customers. Effective pest management techniques delivered by a highly trained, prescreened professionals who have been provided with the most up to date tools and techniques. Our services are scheduled in advance from our offices to ensure that you receive a call before each service. We’ve simplified our billing and even created online access to customer accounts. At Peachtree Pest Control we are committed to the convenience of our customers. But what if the bugs return? If the bugs come back…SO WILL WE! Unlimited repeat service visits are an important part of our service plans. That’s right, we’ll return to your home or business as many times as necessary to control whatever pest problem you may have. Best of all, Peachtree will do so at no additional charge to you!

Why do we go to such lengths? Simply to provide you with a “best in the business” customer service experience.