Raccoon populations on the rise in Atlanta

Atlanta. Home of the Braves, Falcons, Hawks…and a growing population of Raccoon.  While many wildlife species decline as human development spreads, the opposite is true of the wily and intelligent Raccoon. Opportunistic by nature, these masked bandits thrive alongside human habitation.

Our life style provides ample food, water, and shelter. Imagine the nightly routine of the urban Raccoon. It begins just after dark as they emerge from your home’s cozy attics and crawl spaces. Remember, these areas are great harborage sites and to a critter, seem very similar to the tree-hollow their country relatives inhabit.

Then its time for food. The Raccoon begins by knocking over your trash can and feasting on leftovers from your dinner table. Then they are off to find your pets food on the back porch or beside the garage. Then its time for a little fun…a dip in your Koi pond and some fishing. Mmmmm…goldfish taste good! If you’re lucky, your neighborhood Racoon may even walk across your car leaving their tell-tale footprints behind. Finally, after a night of feasting and fun, the Racoon family returns home – to your attic.

As you can see, we have created the ideal habitat for the Raccoon. It should be no surprise these adaptive creatures have managed to thrive in the human environment. That’s great for the Racoon…but not so good for you. Don’t let wildlife make your home, their home.

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