Rise of the Bed Bug

Bed Bugs! For many of us the Bed Bug is still a memory from an early childhood euphemism. Remember, “Sleep tight…Don’t let the Bed Bugs bite.” Well, trust me when I tell you… that is changing and quickly. The Bed Bug invasion has been in full swing for the past few decades here in Metro Atlanta. Its not surprising really. Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson Airport brings millions of people into and thru our fine city every year. Some of these travelers come from parts of the world where Bed Bugs are quite prevalent. Importation of the Bed Bugs has been going on since international air travel became common, but that’s no longer the primary method of relocation.

Bed Bugs are well established here in the US and how the vast majority of us will come into contact with them. We regularly see bed bugs in almost every setting…homes, hotels, daycare, retail, educational dormitories, government properties, and commercial facilities. In fact, anywhere with people is a target for a bed bug infestation.

Peachtree Pest Control is currently assisting an internationally based IT firm, with offices right here in Atlanta and Buckhead, face a serious infestation. Not only does the Bed Bug problem exist, it covers multiple floors, in multiple buildings, and has spread to many of the hundreds of employees homes. Truthfully, it is most likely the residence were the original source of the infestation. The population was imported by the employees and spread throughout the building(s). As true as that may be, it remains the responsibility of the property owners to address the issue, and fast.

The US Department of Labor requires every employer to provide a “Safe Working Environment”. Rightfully so. And…a major Bed Bug infestation, although posing no serious health threat, does violate the “Safe Working Environment” standard and therefore, must be addressed immediately. The customer has done just that. Their dedication to solving this issue has been real and prompt….albeit, more expensive than they would like. The time and attention needed to control Bed Bugs at such a large scale requires many highly skilled team members and many resources. This posses significant challenges and has taken nearly the past years to bring under control. The days of simply spraying some “Bug Juice” are over. Bed Bug control is complex, and an issue that is positively here to stay.

I expect the trend toward Bed Bug infestations in large commercial properties to continue. Multi-story office buildings may become a common place to find Bed Bugs. There are certainly optimal conditions inside the modern cubicle farm. Lots of people, seated closely together, inside a climate controlled environment with ample areas to hide. All it takes is one pregnant female bed bug to hitch a ride on a purse, jacket, etc… Before long a major problem is established.

There is good news however…we control Bed Bugs. We have the tools and experience to handle any problem, anywhere. Hopefully you never have to find that out first hand. But, if you do, we got you covered.