Are Squirrels Smart Enough To Avoid Traps?

Trapping squirrels is not as hard as you might be thinking. Being clever does not mean that squirrels are smarter than humans! These animals are easy to trap and are usually cage shy, and using the right kind of cage can help you avoid their evasion of traps.

When you are having problems trapping squirrels that have invaded your property, it would be better to understand whether they can avoid traps and develop ways of working with their methods.

For instance, if you place your traps in the ways and paths they frequently pass through, you will have much higher chances of trapping them successfully. Using the right bait will also help make your trap more effective and very likely to catch the squirrel.

When they have been trapped, the squirrels have very erratic behavior that often leads to injuries. Even though they’re cute, squirrels can be destructive and annoying creatures, and they can be a huge disruption to your everyday peaceful life.

Getting rid of the squirrel problem requires that you have the right assortment of tools to ensure that no matter what evasion mechanisms the animal uses, you will still be ahead of its moves and able to trap it with ease.


Do Squirrels Avoid Traps, And Can They Learn To Avoid Traps?

Squirrels are very hard to deal with since their food gathering habits are usually in enclosed spaces. Whenever you need to trap them, you should not expect it to be that easy or simple. The squirrels can learn to avoid traps.

They avoid traps as much as they can, which means that you will have a harder time trying to capture them. When you are faced with a squirrel infestation on your property, the methods that you use to trap them will determine whether you will be successful in dealing with the problem or not.

Combined with their fantastic memory, their evasion mechanism means that they can easily remember where you had placed the trap and will always try to avoid going down the same route. Trapping a squirrel can be an involving undertaking and require that you use all the tricks up your sleeve to counteract its evasion behavior.

However, you are not allowed to poison the squirrels, and some states do not allow you to relocate wildlife without a permit. This means that your trapping process will be much harder if you do not upgrade your traps to stay hidden and not easily noticed. Better traps will ensure that you have better chances at trapping these rodents regardless of their mysterious behavior.

Is It Hard, And How Long Does It Take To Trap A Squirrel?

For this, you will need a squirrel-sized trap. An oversized trap will only cause problems, such as positioning it in place and getting the squirrel to trigger the trapping mechanism. When you use a huge trap to trap the animal, it will run and try to kill itself on the bars.

Another thing that you need to trap the squirrel is good bait. The best kind of bait is peanut butter and whole peanuts. Ensure that you spread the bait up to outside the trap and place the trap somewhere in high places.

Squirrels will not enter a trap set on the ground or in the attic, so these are places where you should avoid placing the trap.

Repeater traps are also humane and the most effective kind of trap for catching squirrels since the animals can get in but not out. It is also important that you relocate the squirrel immediately after it becomes trapped. Squirrels usually get caught when they come out to feed and when they follow the bait to the inside of the trap and trigger it, they immediately get trapped. The trap has to be in place for much longer to ensure that it blends well with the background and the scent of the bait permeates the surroundings.



What To Do If A Squirrel Won’t Go In A Trap?

If a squirrel is reluctant to enter your trap, it could be because it is more thirsty than hungry. In that case, it is best to make use of orange slices.

These will be a sure way to get the squirrel into the trap, and when you have kept the trap in place for an entire week, the squirrel will have gotten used to it. With the door always open, the squirrel will also be tempted to explore the trap where it will be captured. In addition, ensure that your trap has been properly camouflaged to match with the environment and look tempting to the squirrel.

The right kind of bait and enough time to get the squirrel familiarized with the trap will ensure that your trap gets into their daily routine and triggered more easily. A trail of bait will also be more effective at getting the squirrel to enter the trap than having bait only on the inside of the trap.

Squirrel trapping might seem overwhelming. But before you get your hands on DIY traps or try out home remedies to get rid of these smart rodents, contact Peachtree Pest Control in Atlanta. Our wildlife removal experts can quickly and effectively remove squirrels that have infested your home. One call and our wildlife removal specialists will handle it all.