Does Loud Music Scare Raccoons Out Of Attic?

  In the springtime, raccoons tend to seek shelter in attics. This is because the attic provides them with a safe, warm, dark, dry, and quiet place to raise their young during that time. These wild animals also want to have quick access to a food source from garbage cans or pets. Thus, you need to make your attic as unsafe, cold, well-lit, and loud as possible to encourage the mom raccoon to take her pups and move somewhere else. If you want to get rid of the family of raccoons from your attic, but without harming them, you should take steps to discourage them by using a variety of methods. Loud sounds, noises, and music have been proven to be an effective way of eliminating raccoons for some homeowners. When it comes to wildlife, most of it will not be accustomed to music. The effect that music has on animals, depends mainly on the type of animal and their different temperaments. This can play a role in whether they avoid it or develop curiosity over the sound of music. While domestic animals usually enjoy music in a way humans do, wild animals such as raccoons, may not. In fact, they’ll most likely be repelled by music and other loud noises, rather than be attracted by them.

Does Loud Music Scare Raccoons Out Of Attic?

Even though raccoons are smart and cunning, these animals can also get easily startled. A sudden, loud sound is all it takes to make them go rushing away into the night. Being wild animals, raccoons also do not like music, so playing loud music in the attic can scare them off and cause them to leave your attic. To do so, you’ll need to set a battery-operated radio in the attic. Radios have been known to function as a great raccoon deterrent when kept in areas that are frequently visited by these animals. Tune it to a loud music station, with the volume set as high as you can stand it. It’s important to have it playing all day long, or at least a few hours per day, in order to disrupt the raccoons’ sleep. Since raccoons are nocturnal creatures and sleep during the day, any loud noise during their sleep period will be startling for them. The music needs to be loud enough to be annoying for the raccoons but not loud enough to make your neighbors get irritated! Preferably, you should leave the radio in the attic tuned to a rock or rock’n’roll station. You don’t want to be playing slow tempo relaxation or classical music unless you want to lull the raccoons to sleep in your attic. Music with loud singing will do the trick quite nicely. Also, mariachi music, which is a type of Mexican folk music, can do wonders. This is because the songs feature trumpets, drums, horns, rattles, flutes, as well as loud singing. So, playing mariachi music for the whole day will surely drive raccoons out of your attic. However, any type of music that is not only very loud but also has intermittent, erratic, abrupt sounds will work best. Just make sure that the music is not continuous or at regular intervals.


Even though raccoons find human voices threatening, it is not recommended to tune your radio to a talk station. These critters have become so accustomed to human sounds that hearing somebody monotonously talking on the radio is not very likely to instill any fear. Wild animals, especially raccoons, are adaptable, so while a particular sound might scare them at first, it doesn’t take a long time for them to get used to it. Even if loud noises and music work initially or for a while, in the long run, they fail to provide any satisfactory protection against future raccoon invasions, or could even cause a mom raccoon to abandon her babies in your attic. Thus, these methods do not offer a long-term solution.   The best way to remove raccoons from an attic is to leave it up to the experts. Seeking advice and assistance from a professional pest and wildlife control company is recommended if you’re dealing with raccoon problems. A raccoon infestation that has gone on for too long can do damage to your house and expose your family to diseases. These creatures are intelligent, dexterous, and can be also aggressive. So don’t wait any longer, let us help you with the raccoon removal. The entire process is done quickly and efficiently, without causing any harm to the animals. We’ll humanely catch the critters, safely remove and relocate them so they don’t come back to your property again. Call Peachtree Pest Control at 855-732-2487 if you live in the Metro Atlanta area.