Are There Baby Skunks Living Under My House?


With their black and white stripes, skunks are easily identifiable wild neighbors. These shy mammals are excellent diggers and are rarely welcomed by homeowners because they produce a foul odor when frightened. This spray can cause severe discomfort if it gets into your eyes. Thankfully, skunks rarely spray.

If you find skunks making your yard their home, you should get rid of them as soon as possible. They are strong diggers and will likely make dens under your home, mate, and have their babies.

So, how do you know there are baby skunks living under your house? How long will the baby skunks stay in the den?

If you suspect there are baby skunks under your home, in this article, you will find out more about baby skunks and whether they have made your yard their home. So keep reading!


What Do Baby Skunks Look Like and Sound Like?

Just like adult skunks, their babies have black fur with white stripes or spots. You can also identify baby skunks with their stout body, short legs, small head, small ears, and a long tail.

Baby skunks are normally calm and quiet animals. Even so, these mild-mannered creatures make noticeable noises, especially during the night when they are most active. Baby skunks may growl, hiss, coo, or squeal, but the sounds won’t be too loud. If there are baby skunks present under your house, you may also hear scratching and tearing sounds. Although rarely, baby skunks stomp loudly to scare enemies.


How Do You Find Skunks Den?

Skunks can thrive well in many places, including under your house structure, as long as they get water, food, and shelter. Skunks can make a den under a building or live in a cave that was abandoned by other creatures.

If you notice an excavated area that you suspect is inhabited by skunks, you can fill it with loose dirt and observe if it will be reopened over the next few days. If the dirt is gone and the hole reopened, that is likely to be a skunk den. From there, you can now wait for the baby skunks to escape, then seal the area thoroughly.


When and How Many Babies Do Skunks Have? How Long Will Baby Skunks Stay in the Den?

Skunks are great mothers and will always move their babies to new dens. Evicting the mother skunk risks that she might abandon her babies, so it is crucial to know how long the baby skunks will stay in the den.

Female skunks usually deliver four to six offsprings anywhere between May and June. After that, the young skunks will stay in the den for about eight weeks before accompanying their mother to face the world.


Do Baby Skunks Spray?

Skunks are usually accommodating creatures but will spray to defend themselves whenever they feel insecure. Even so, many people wonder if baby skunks spray, and if they do, how often and how far can they spray.

Young skunks can and do spray, but they are rarely seen doing it. Most baby skunks will spray when abandoned or when scared. All the same, they are not good at directing the unpleasant spray as the adults do.

Baby skunks secrete a small quantity and erratic sprays but can spray accurately at four months. Skunks are able to eject their spray to reach a distance of up to 15 feet.


Are Baby Skunks Dangerous?

For sure, baby skunks are cute and adorable. Despite their smelly reputation, they are accommodating, peace-loving, and non-aggressive, so these creatures will not harm you unless threatened.

Skunks are also adaptable and opportunistic, and it is no surprise to find some people keeping them as pets. With their diet being about 70% insects, juvenile skunks, and their mothers will help you control pests in your garden, thus, saving you money that would otherwise be spent buying pesticides.

Generally, baby skunks are shy and nocturnal animals that mostly avoid you instead of spraying you with the oily liquid.


Final Words,

Skunks like staying in a dark, quiet environment where they can get food, water, and shelter. Although baby skunks are not aggressive, you want to get rid of them once you find they are making your yard their home.

To know if baby skunks are under your home, you need to listen for any strange sounds, inspect for skunk dens, or sense any foul odor. All the same, if you find an abandoned baby skunk, leave it for a night, and if the mother does not reclaim it, get the help of a local wildlife control company.

Contact our Peachtree Pest Control team in Atlanta, GA, for more information on how to remove a skunk family from your yard.