Industrial Fly Control

Control Midge Flies with Us

At Peachtree Pest Control we take industrial fly control very seriously. We understand the needs of Facility Managers and utilize the most up to date Integrated Pest Management techniques to resolve any problem, no matter how large. Whether its filter flies, Midges, or other airborne insects, Peachtree will resolve your issues with techniques such as:

  • A thorough Inspection of the facility to identify habitat and other contributing sources of infestation.
  • Communicate in writing the impact these areas have on the infestation and what can be done by the Facility Manager to correct or reduce these conditions.
  • Population monitoring to establish the most appropriate means of control. It is important to utilize the least amount of control method possible thus removing any potential contamination of your manufacturing product.
  • Liquid and pelletized larvicidal applications where applicable.
  • Large area ULV Fogging for interior and exterior of facility.
  • Localized area application of premium grade residual control products.

When necessary, Peachtree Pest Control provides aerial applications from planes, helicopters, and aquatic applications from fan propelled air boats as well as conventional vessels. Regardless of your facilities challenges, Peachtree has a solution for you.

At Peachtree Pest Control we believe that top of the line products offer the highest level of control as quickly and efficiently as possible. It is important that we eliminate midge and filter flies from your mill management process without interruption of production. Our products contain insect growth regulators (IGR). IGR’s work by controlling the emergence of adult pests from the pupal stage, attacking the pest problem at the source. The immature stages of filter flies live in, and the adults breed on, the organic matter associated with wastewater. It is important to attack the larvae before they become adults, thus breaking the cycle of infestation. By preventing the larvae from becoming adults, there are no adults to continue the cycle. While other products kill only a small portion of adult flies, and control them at the source of the infestation. By utilizing IGR’s in conjunction with premium grade adulticides, and source reduction techniques, Peachtree Pest Control is your answer to costly production loss.