Medical Facilities

Medical Facilities Pest Management

The sensitivity of medical facilities requires an equally sensitive pest management approach. At Peachtree Pest Control we developed solutions specifically tailored to address the exceptional circumstances that are commonly associated with the modern healthcare facility.

Peachtree Medical Facilities

  • An extensive training program focusing on Integrated Pest Management (IPM) principles and practices. Peachtree’s “Professionals” must have an overall entomological understanding of the pest species and its survival requirements.
  • Initially utilizing a non-chemical approach to prevent pest populations from gaining access into the living environment. This includes a thorough inspection of the property, structural modification and pest exclusion, as well as habitat alteration to remove or reduce pest harborages in and around the structure.
  • When product application is necessary initial compounds will be National Organic Program compliant (NOP), as defined by the Environmental Protection Agency. These products shall qualify as “minimum-risk” and pose absolutely no risk to humans, pets, or the environment. The products are also classified as “Generally Recognized as Safe” (GRAS) by the FDA and are also approved for some food additives. In situations of heavy pest pressure “low-risk” products such as EPA Registered Botanicals and non-repellants may be applied to control persistent pest populations.
  • Mode of Action – The molecular structure in Botanicals allows the plant oil ingredients to target and block receptor sites for a key neurotransmitter called octopamine. The result is a breakdown of the insect’s central nervous system. Mammals, fish, and birds do not have receptors for octopamine, therefore are not affected by the products thus creating an exceptionally targeted program.
  • Customer communication is vital to the success of any system and is critical to the performance of the Peachtree Program. Peachtree Pest Control professionals will focus on client education to increase awareness of contributing factors for pest issues. These should be clearly disclosed in writing to the customer at the time of sale and continuously readdressed during ongoing services. Proper expectation setting will greatly increase customer satisfaction and retention. Regular disclosure of issues will occur thru the implementation of a Client Care Audit report.

The proper application of these tools and techniques provides an unrivaled level of service quality and effectiveness; exactly what you would expect from a modern healthcare provider. That’s why so many medical facilities across the Southeast have chosen Peachtree Pest Control for their pest management needs.