Seasonal Termite Swarms in Atlanta

Termite Control is a big topic in Metro Atlanta. The southeast experiences some of the highest termite pressure levels than any other region. For this reason most folks in our area have witnessed a termite mating swarm. For those who have I’ll bet this was associated with the spring months. But spring not the only time termites can swarm. It can and does happen in the fall.

Termites swarm as a means to continue their species. It is the act of mating and forming new colonies. This process requires a few basic things. Initially the colony must be mature. Generally this means it is at least 3 years old and is fully developed. The environmental conditions must also be correct. Termites prefer to swarm when ambient temperature reaches the mid 70’s with a high relative humidity. These ideal conditions happen every year in the spring. However, these conditions also occur during the fall.

So…keep an eye out this fall. You might be witness to one of mother natures spectacles, a termite swarm.  If you suspect you have a termite problem call the experts at Peachtree Pest Control. We look forward to hearing from you!

Corey Arnold, President