Animals destroy insulation!

Corey's Corner Blog

Its a common sight in the wildlife control industry. Picture this…an average suburban home, well kept in every way. A nice landscape with a freshly manicured lawn, a new coat of paint, and a commuter car in the driveway. Sounds like most of the homes around Metro Atlanta. And, just like many homes around town, this particular home has a dirty secret hidden in the attic. RODENTS. Or squirrels, or raccoons, or bats… I think you get my point.This average Atlanta home has a wildlife problem. Turns out the real issue isn’t even the animals that are calling this house their home. The real problem is what these unwanted guests have done to the attic insulation. Now covered in animal scat and urine, the insulation has become a sanitary issue. The odor permeates the air and filters down into the living space below. Clearly removing the to soiled material is just as important as getting rid of the critters.

Fortunately, Peachtree Pest Control can solve any wildlife control problem and address your insulation needs. Our team of experts can quickly trap your nuisance animal, exclude your home from future re-infestation, and remove/replace your attic insulation. We use industrial insulation vacuums to remove the soiled material followed by a complete sanitizing of the affected areas. Then a fresh layer of new blown insulation is applied. The new insulation can be applied to any R-value you wish. It’s more than a necessary step in proper wildlife control, it is also a great way to update your home and save a little money on you power bills. There may even be energy credits available from your power company to help cover some of the costs.

So, the next time you think you have an unwanted guest in your attic call the pros at Peachtree Pest Control. We can address your wildlife and insulation issues all while providing value and respecting your home. I hope you’ll give us an opportunity!

Corey Arnold