Cold Atlanta Termites

Its COLD outside. I sure am glad to have this nice warm place to sit and write a blog. It makes me consider what happens to termites in this Atlanta cold. Well, its an interesting question with a pretty straight forward answer.

I began my career working in termite research with the University of Georgia. Since that time I have spent nearly all of my professional career in the pest management industry. During these many years I’ve learned much about termite behavior and I can say that termites will often surprise you. Termites regulate much about their bodies by where they choose to live. Individually a termite can be quite fragile. They are extremely susceptible to changes in temperature and moisture and will quickly die if exposed to unsuitable conditions.

Termites regulate these environmental factors by moving throughout the soil column. You see, here in the Southeast the soil never freezes. In fact, go a few inches below the soil surface and you’ll find a pretty consistent temperature…year round. This means Termites can regulate their body temp and moisture content by simply moving to the areas of the soil that are most conducive to their survival requirements.

Sometimes the best places for termites are in or near your home. As humans we like our comforts. We like a nice landscape with plenty of irrigation and mulch. This keeps the soil moist and warm around our foundations. We like cozy houses which maintain a slab temperature much higher than the soil surface outdoors. Crawlspaces are generally much milder that the outdoor temps during winter too. This can be an ideal place for a termite infestation to begin and continue year round.

Termites never stop. They don’t sleep, have weekends, or observe holidays. As far as I know there is no such thing as termite PTO (Personal Time Off). And…Termites are resourceful. Survival artists indeed. What’s the lesson here? When it comes to Termites in Atlanta cold, there is no off season. With this understanding I think its important to keep your home professionally protected…year round! Call me and I’ll be glad to tell you more.

Team member at Peachtree Pest Control