Where do bugs go when it rains?

Its another rainy day here in Atlanta. It brings to mind a simple yet not commonly asked question; Where do bugs go when it rains? Well, that depends on the bug.

Each insect has a unique way of dealing with inclement weather. Obviously there is a different survival tactic between the ground nesting insects and those that can fly. Take for example the Fire Ant. Would you believe these industrious critters actually make floating rafts comprised of thousands of individual ants? It’s true.

In fact, a news crew in Coastal North Carolina reported on this very thing as floods followed the most recent tropical storm. If you ever run across a raft of floating fire ants, beware! The ant raft could break apart quickly and cover you in angry Fire Ants. This can be quite dangerous.

For the bugs that can fly they simply wait out the storm…when possible. A recent study conducted by Scientific American considered what happens when mosquitoes collide with rain drops.

Surprisingly they are consumed by the droplet and, with the help of their water shedding hairs, actually escape the rain drop before it hits the ground. Fascinating.

Of course I couldn’t write a blog on this topic with out stating the obvious…your home is warm and dry. If a bug gets the opportunity to gain access its the perfect environment to wait out the storm. Pest proofing your home is a good idea for this very reason.

Check exterior window screens, door sweeps, plumbing penetrations for a tight seal, trim back your landscaping, limit excessive layers of mulch and please clean your gutters.

These are a few measures that will help reduce the pest friendly environments and make your home less likely to be a refuge for unwanted pests.

If you still need a pro to get the bugs out….we know somebody.