Do You Have a Gap?

Got Squirrels in your attic? Maybe you have a Gap? You know, a Builder’s Gap. Maybe you’ve heard it called a Construction Gap or even a Roof Gap.

Whatever term you use they’re all referring to the same condition. You see, when the builder constructed the roof your home they started with plywood roof decking. This material should have extended all the way to the bottom ends of the rafter joists where the roof deck meets the fascia board…basically the area where the gutters are hung.

Unfortunately in most homes, this is not the case. The roof decking is left slightly shorter than the rafter ends creating a gap between the roof and the gutter. Although covered by a layer of shingles this gap extends the full roof line of your home and is an ideal place for wildlife, specifically squirrels, to enter.

During an inspection for wildlife control it is critical this condition be identified. Generally this requires the use of a ladder. Although in some cases it is possible to identify from within the attic. As a longtime inspector myself I’ve often entered the attic, turned off the lights and looked for daylight around the gutter area. If there is a serious builders gap issue it’ll likely be obvious.

I’d like to point out that the described condition is not a faulty construction, does not effect the integrity of the home, and to my knowledge, does not violate any building code. Its simply common practice that years later may allow squirrels and other wildlife inside you home.

So Atlanta, let me ask you. Do you have a gap? If you’re not sure call us and lets find out together. Maybe we can figure this out before the squirrels do!

Many thanks and enjoy our beautiful fall weather Atlanta.