Ewwww, Spiders!

Late summer in the south can be a very “Buggy” time of year. We’ve had warm weather for many months now so that means the insects have had plenty of time to make more bugs. Do you know what happens when you have lots of little critters? You get other critters who like to eat them. That means Spiders.

AND…if you’re a gardener like me, you’ve seen some really big spiders in your yard recently. Most notably is the very large and very colorful Typical Orb Weaver. You may call him a Banana Spider. He is huge! You’ll know its him by the bold black, yellow, and white markings across his back (called a abdomen in the insect taxonomy world).

Although spiders can strike fear into the hearts of the strongest of us, most are completely harmless. In fact, most spiders are considered to be beneficial. They eat other bugs and as a natural predator bring a healthy balance to the local ecosystem. That said, just as with snakes, most folks just want them dead. I suppose I can understand the sentiment.

But let me encourage you here. If you happen to run across the black and yellow spider in your garden, who’s web seems larger than life, please let him be. He’s simply eating the other little creepy crawlies in your yard and trying to make a living. He won’t hurt you. Just leave him alone and enjoy the beauty of mother nature. Remember, if not all spiders, at least this Banana Spider is your friend.

Now, if spiders or other creepy crawly things just aren’t for you. Rest assured! I happen to know somebody in the bug business. Give me a call and I’ll set you up with one of my trained killers.

Thanks for your business, Atlanta!