Bed Bugs on the Rise in Atlanta

Bed Bugs aren’t what most of us would like to spend our time thinking about. For many folks just the thought of being crawled on by a bug while we sleep, much less being their dinner, is quite unnerving. I can’t say I feel any differently and I’m in the pest control industry. Bed Bugs are a serious pest and although you might not want to hear this…they are certainly here to stay.

Over the past few years the occurrences of bed bug infestations in Atlanta have been on the rise, and sharply. In the pest control industry we are seeing the Bed Bug become one of the primary pests that we deal with. You might also assume these issues are confined to shady road-side motels, unkempt apartments, or other “less than reputable” places. You’d be wrong.

The reality is…we are finding Bed Bugs in top end hotels, expensive homes, high rise commercial buildings, reputable retail establishments, etc. The point here is, the Bed Bug has no socio-economic limitation. They are found in all areas of our society and spreading quickly.

This isn’t surprising given the general public’s lack of understanding of the pest, how it travels to infest new areas, and what can/should be done to slow their progression.

That said, I write this blog not only to educate, but also to provide practical tips to my readers to help avoid issues just like a potential bed bug infestation from happening to you.

So, below are a few basic tips that, I hope, help you avoid just such a circumstance. This is not an exhaustive list as there simply isn’t room to write that much. But…I hope its helpful nonetheless. Here are my top 4.

Tip #1: USE THE LUGGAGE RACK. – When staying in a hotel (no matter how much you paid or how nice and clean the place may be) never leave your luggage, clothes, purse, etc, on the floor. Always use the expandable luggage rack in the closet. If there is a Bed Bug issue in the room they will be much less likely to get into your bags and hitch a ride back to your home.

Tip #2: HOTEL MATTRESS INSPECTION – Partially remove the bottom fitted sheet from the head of the mattress. Pull the white mattress binding back slightly. The small folds in this area is one f the most common areas the Bed Bug will hide. If you are really serious about this process you could remove the entire bedding and even look under the mattress. I wouldn’t personally. Truth is, if they are going to be anywhere on that mattress its very likely the binding at the mattress corners near the head of the bed.

Tip #3: PREVENT IMPORTATION – Bed Bugs tend to travel on our clothes or in our personal belongings such as a purse or luggage. Taking steps to prevent a friend or family member, who may have a Bed Bug issue, from bringing them into your home is wise. This can be a sensitive issue. They are not unclean or anything of the sort. As I said, a Bed Bug infestation can happen to anyone…even you.

TIP #4: WASH NEW BEDDING and CLOTHES IMMEDIATELY – We’ve all done this before. You bought a new shirt and decided to hang it up and wash it after the first wear. Well…don’t. Wash all bedding and clothes immediately upon bringing them into your home. Bed bugs can infest the manufacturing facility, packaging, warehousing, shipment chain, or retail store. Anywhere that garment or bedding has been may have a bed bug problem. Protect yourself and wash all items.

Take these precautions and I think your chances of having a Bed Bug infestation are greatly reduced. Of course, if this doesn’t work and you still end up with a problem. Well…let’s just say I know folks who deal with just this sort of thing.