Summer Pests in Atlanta

Summer is here and the bugs are coming!

We are all happy when summer finally arrives. Sweet tea on the porch and evening strolls mean that the warm weather is finally here. But we aren’t the only ones enjoying the summer weather. Insects are more active this time of year and are seeking out places to live and places to feed.

Just like you, the bugs enjoy places they can cool off and get a quick drink. Removing items that hold standing water is one of the most effective ways to reduce mosquitoes, outdoor roaches, and a variety of other pests.

Flower pots, children’s toys, and even a bottle left out for as little as 5 days can hold water that will breed thousands of mosquitoes. Emptying all of these containers at least once a week can help keep you and your neighbors as pest free as possible.

Another insect that starts to show up more in the warm weather are those amazing spiders. They spin their webs in hopes of catching a tasty meal. They often sneak into homes through cracks and crevices looking for a safe place to set up shop.

Making sure window screens are secure and seals around doors are in good repair can reduce many of those unwanted visitors. Turning off outside lighting at night can reduce the flying insects that those spiders are showing up to catch. Fixing minor things like these have a big impact on the pest pressure around your home.

Insects like the food we leave behind. Trash bags left on porches or snacks dropped by accident are like a buffet to many types of pests including ants. These types of social insects have workers who spend all day looking for that next meal and once they find it, they call all of their friends and family to come and help carry it back home.

Ant colonies can number in the hundreds of thousands; so when you see that line of industrious little ants carrying food you can bet that there are a lot more where they came from. Keeping food sources like trash cans, outdoor grills, and coolers sealed up and clean will help make sure they don’t make your home their next stop.

When looking at what makes insects attracted to a particular home or structure, it makes sense to look for the conditions they are most attracted to. Moisture for water, clutter or heavy vegetation for hiding, and food are the big three reasons why you may experience a pest infestation this summer.

Reduce those three conditions and you will be most of the way to a pest free environment. Add a quality Integrated Pest Control Program and it will let you have those wonderful summer days we all enjoy so much without having any unwanted visitors trying to crash the party.