That Squirrel’s got an eye on you!

It was a normal Saturday evening in the burbs. I was enjoying a nice adult beverage on the deck at a friends house. That’s when it happened. That sense of being watched. I didn’t know who or where…but I knew something was amiss in this otherwise placid, suburbanite mecca.  And then we made eye contact! That beady stare looking right at me from behind the gutter.

This particular critter seemed content to relax just feet away with only his face exposed enough to watch our friendly gathering of suburbanite men discussing lawn mowers, cars, and other assorted man things. I knew right away that my buddy had a squirrel problem. After all, its what I do!

“So, Bobby…you ever hear noises up in your attic? Kinda like a scratching or thumping sound.” No surprise when his answer was a resounding, “YES”. Turns out my buddy had been providing free housing for a family of grey squirrels for some time. There was considerable scat and urine inside the attic and multiple areas of damage from the constant chewing squirrels and other rodents are known for.

He and his family are lucky it wasn’t an electrical wire that was chewed, sparking a house fire. Its not as uncommon as you might think. Fortunately for Bobby…I happen to know a thing or two about wildlife control here in Metro Atlanta.

Noises in your attic or walls are a primary indicator there may be a wildlife problem in your home. These issues can originate from the attic and roof line, crawl space and foundation, or in some cases, thru the general exterior surfaces of the home. Identifying wildlife access points its critical in preventing and solving these pest problems. Once all areas of access have been properly identified they must be professionally sealed.

HOWEVER, a trapped animal inside your home may be even more damaging. To prevent this from occurring one-way doors are installed at each access point. We call these devices “excluders” as they allow the animal to leave but not return. Once the attic or crawlspace is free of critters a professional repair to the access points generally solves the issue.  This happened to be the case for my friend.

If you live in Atlanta and think you may have a wildlife control problem please give us a call. Controlling wildlife issues is our expertise. I look forward to hearing from you and enjoy whats left of summer!