Why Does My Yard Have So Many Ticks?


Ticks are a common sight in many yards in Georgia. These small, blood-sucking creatures can lurk in grassy and wooded areas, and we typically associate them with the spread of Lyme disease.

While ticks have always been present in the environment, we’ve observed a significant increase in their numbers in recent years. As their growing population has raised concerns about the health risks posed by ticks, many homeowners are eager to take steps to reduce exposure to these pests in their yards.

Don’t skip the rest of the article as we will explore some of the reasons why you may have so many ticks in the yard, what kind of environment these pests thrive in, and what you can do to protect yourself and your family.


What Attracts Ticks To Your Yard?

To know why there are many ticks in your yard, you need to be aware of what circumstances attract them in particular.


– Places where ticks like to hide

Ticks prefer to live in tall grass, shrubs, and thick vegetation, this is because they need the moisture from the plants to survive. They like places that are moist and this is why stagnant water or damp soil in your yard can also attract ticks as the moisture keeps them from drying out.

Also, they can be found in piles of leaves and other debris because they like darkness and these places provide them with cover and shade from the sun.

Ticks tend to avoid open spaces where the ground is hot and dry, so keeping your lawn mowed and free of debris can help reduce the risk of tick infestations in your yard.


– The type of weather in which ticks come out

Ticks are most active during warm and humid weather conditions, therefore, they typically come out in the spring and summer months.

Rain is always beneficial for ticks, and they thrive in places that get plenty of moisture or humidity, especially when combined with mild weather.

However, ticks can be active throughout the year in certain regions, like in Georgia due to its mild climate, so it’s important to take precautions against tick bites whenever you are outdoors.



– Time of day ticks when are most active

You will notice that ticks are more active during the daytime, during the late morning and early afternoon, especially after the rain when they’ll be out looking for their meal.


– Animals and humans attract ticks

Another reason ticks are attracted to your yard is the presence of wild animals, such as deer, rodents, and other small mammals. Wildlife can carry ticks and bring them to your yard, and provide a food source for them.

Finally, ticks are attracted to the carbon dioxide, sweat, and heat that is produced by humans and animals, so areas with high human or pet traffic may also be likely to have more ticks.


What Can Homeowners Do To Prevent Tick Infestation In Their Yards?

Ticks can be a nuisance and pose a risk to human health, therefore, homeowners should take steps to protect themselves from ticks and prevent tick infestations in their yards:



– Keep your grass mowed and shrubs trimmed

As ticks like to hide in tall grass, overgrown shrubs, and other shady and humid environments, keeping the grass mowed short and a well-maintained yard can help reduce their preferred habitats. Clear tall grasses and brush, and trim overgrown shrubs around homes and at the edge of lawns to prevent ticks in your yard.


– Remove leaves and debris from the ground

Ticks like to hide in leaf litter, so getting rid of it from your yard can help reduce their hiding spots. Be sure to regularly rake up and dispose of any leaves, branches, or other debris.


– Create a barrier between your yard and wooded areas

Ticks often come from wooded areas, so if you live near the forest or park, think of creating a barrier between your yard and those areas.

You may use wood chips, gravel, or a similar material. This can help prevent ticks from entering your yard, and ultimately help reduce their numbers on your property.


In addition, you may construct fences to discourage unwelcome wild animals, such as deer or raccoons, or even stray dogs, from entering your yard.

Also, it’s a good idea to eliminate standing water and remove old furniture, mattresses, or various trash from the yard as these may provide a comfortable place for ticks to hide.


No doubt that the rise in the tick population in your yard can be a cause for concern as ticks transmit dangerous diseases to humans and pets. While there are multiple ways to control ticks, it’s important to stay vigilant and take proactive measures to minimize your exposure to these pests, as we’ve described above.

Moreover, reaching out to a reliable, professional pest control company is always recommended. Take action and protect yourselves and your loved ones from these tiny but potentially deadly creatures. Hire a local exterminator from Peachtree Pest Control in Atlanta, GA – call us today!

If you think you have a tick infestation on your property, they will come to inspect and treat your yard for ticks so that you can enjoy your outdoor spaces with greater peace of mind.